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Enjoy the new TEAM BUILDING Package from Greenleaf Holidays & Tours.


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Team building is a process in which a group examines how it is currently operating, identifies how it could improve its effectiveness, and implements the procedures and processes that enable it to get the job done in the best possible way. The participants will focus on how teamwork can impact positively on accomplishing tasks and on conflict resolution in work teams.
A structured team building plan is a good tool to implement team bonding thus, team awareness. It generally sits within the theory and practice of organizational development. The related field of team management refers to techniques, processes and tools for organizing and coordinating a team towards a common goal – as well as the inhibitors to teamwork and ways to remove, mitigate or overcome them.

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Each obstacle is designed to be fun yet challenging for the participant, giving them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It can test your skill, try your ability and know your limit. This new challenging activity requires a lot of strength, stamina and agility.

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Team building exercises consist of a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively. There are many types of team building activities that range from kids games to games that involve novel complex tasks and are designed for specific needs. The purpose of team building exercises is to assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can effectively work together to complete tasks.
Participants need to balance their way across this bridge.

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We strive to provide activities that will help develop the participant both mentally and physically. From the exhilaration of gliding through the air (flying fox) to the physical challenges of our obstacle courses, there are plenty of activities to suit our guests needs. 
Flying fox allows the participant to emulate the feeling of flying through the air with the cool wind in your face.

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Explore the challenges and enjoy water sport activities like bamboo rafting.

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"Gunung Senyum is made up of limestone and rock, estimated to be around 3,000 years old, whilst the lowlands on the east is made of mudstone and shale estimated at around 2,100 years old."

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Price (RM)
539 / person


Day 1 第一天
Departure by Own transport 
12:30pm Expected arrival. Lunch at restaurant ,享用 午餐     

Check in at Greenleaf Angsana Homestay Jerantut.到达而连突绿苑别墅.


Ice breaking.Activity Flying Fox, Light Obstacle course and Rafting at Tekam Residence Jerantut (Test you skill, try your ability and know your limit. This new challenging activity requires a lot of strength, stamina and agility & Experience how mountaineers climb down cliff) will start.如果你有过人的胆识,请别错过这令人心惊胆跳的攀爬活动

更多新奇, 充满乐趣的玩意和设备等待你去体验.


08:30pm Night Jungle Walk to see the nocturnal wildlife comes alive. Bring along torch light , , .
11:00pm Sweet Dream.
Day 2 第二天
07:30am Breakfast.
08:00am Depart from Jerantut to Taman Negara by coach.
09:15am Arrival at Taman Negara.
09:30am Jungle Trek to Teresek Hill (344m). From the hilltop and in clear sky you may be able to see the peak of Gunung Tahan. The trail is passing on one of the best bird watching habitats area and can hear melodious song of hornbills and etc.
t;span>导游带领爬国家公园第一山丘-特勒细山(344尺)了望大汉山的顶岭,登上山顶可以纵览公园全景,妙不可言。 可详细观察各种自然生态, 从中考验本身的体力和胆识.
02:30pm Picnic lunch.
03:30pm Experience 45 minutes shooting 7 sets of the rapids to Kuala Trenggan (14 seater wooden boat with rooftop). You must be prepared to get drenched! Swimming ar river side Nusa Camp.
坐船去Kuala Trenggan, 勇闯七大激流探险, 新奇刺激, Rapid Shooting 河边天然浴泳, 请准备胶袋包裹隋身物品, 以防被河水淋湿.
07:00pm Head to Jerantut
08:00pm Dinner
10:00pm Back to Greenleaf Angsana Homestay Jerantut and Sweet Dream.
启程回绿苑别墅. 晚安!
Day 3 第三天
09:00am Breakfast.Checkout.
享用早餐. 退房

OPTIONAL TOURS : CAVE EXPLORATION RM40 PER PERSON Experience jungle walk and cave exploration. The stalactite and stalagmite in the caves are the world's first class and untouched.Explore this 150 million year old historical and mythical cave complex  and witness its unique flora,fauna and its magnificient rock formations which will definitely captivate you.
过了一连串紧张, 刺激的活动后, 这回是进入另一个不同的境界. 洞穴探险.洞穴最吸引人的是活钟乳. 其洞幽深奇长的底下长廊, 神奇迷人. 岩洞被一座大峡谷给包围着, 在洞顶天然形成一个天井. 这里无疑就是个蓬莱仙境.

12:30pm Tours end . Good bye 带着愉快无比的心情踏上归途. 结束此难忘的探险之旅!

 Thing to bring

1.Torch Light (手电筒)
2.Towel (毛巾)
3.Long & Short Sport Pants(长与短运动裤)
   Long Sleeve Shirt
4.Mineral Water(矿泉水)
5.Sport Shoe (运动鞋)
6.Slipper (拖鞋)
7.Body Bath (沐浴露)
8.Shampoo (洗发水)
9.Insect Repellent (驱蚊水)
10.Poncho (雨披)
11.Rucksack (背包)
12.Swimming Suit (泳衣)
13.Hat (帽子)





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