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Chalets & Hostels

In Taman Negara, there are also other eco-resorts and chalets that you can choose.

1. Agoh Chalet

Agoh_Chalet_frontView Agoh_Chalet_sideView
Agoh_Chalet_gardenView Agoh_Chalet_twinRoom_with_Aircond_Bathroom
Agoh_Chalet_Dormitory_with_Aircond_Bathroom Agoh_Chalet_Hostel_with_Aircond_Bathroom

2. Dakili House

Dakili_House_frontView Dakili_House_sideView
Dakili_House_sideView2 Dakili_House_sideView3
Dakili_House_CampingSite Dakili_House_CampingSite2
Dakili_House_Bathroom_Toilet Dakili_House_TwinSharing_Room
Dakili_House_TwinSharing_Room2 Dakili_House_Hostel

3. Liana Hostel

Liana_FrontView Liana_Receptionist
Liana_Corridor Liana_4Pax_SharingRoom
Liana_4Pax_SharingRoom2 Liana_Room

4. Tahan Guest House

TahanGuestHouse_FrontView TahanGuestHouse_FrontView2

5. Teresek View

TeresekView_BackView TeresekView_TwinRoom
TeresekView_TwinSharing TeresekView_TwinSharing2

6. Traveller House

TravellerHouse_FrontView TravellerHouse_SideView
TravellerHouse_BackView TravellerHouse_Corridor

7. TRV Motel

TRVMotel_FrontView TRVMotel_FrontView2
TRVMotel_SideView TRVMotel_Restaurant
TRVMotel_Corridor TRVMotel_TwinRoom_with_Aircond_Toilet
TRVMotel_QuadandTwinRoom_with_Fan_Toilet TRVMotel_QuadandTwinRoom_with_Aircond_Toilet
TRVMotel_Bathroom TRVMotel_Toilet

8. Yellow House

YellowHouse_FrontView YellowHouse_FrontView2
YellowHouse_TripleRoom_with_Bathroom YellowHouse_QuadRoom_with_Bathroom
YellowHouse_InsideRoom YellowHouse_InsideRoom2
YellowHouse_Toilet YellowHouse_Corridor

9. Persona Village

PersonaVillage_Front PersonaVillage_Front2
PersonaVillage_Side PersonaVillage_Entrance
PersonaVillage_Dining PersonaVillage_Room
PersonaVillage_Room2 PersonaVillage_Room3

10. Julia Hotel

Julia Hotel 01s Julia Hotel 02s
Julia Hotel 03s Julia Hotel 04s
Julia Hotel 05s Julia Hotel 06s
Julia Hotel 07s

11. Dakili II

Dakili II 01s Dakili II 02s
Dakili II 03s Dakili II 04s
Dakili II 05s Dakili II 06s

12. Abot Guest House

Abot Guest House 01s Abot Guest House 02s
Abot Guest House 03s Abot Guest House 04s
Abot Guest House 05s Abot Guest House 06s
Abot Guest House 08s

13. Mahseer Chalet

Mahseer Chalet 01 Mahseer Chalet 02
Mahseer Chalet 03 Mahseer Chalet 04
Mahseer Chalet 05 Mahseer Chalet 06
Mahseer Chalet 07

14. Jai Guest House

Jai-Guest-House-04 Jai-Guest-House-05
Jai-Guest-House-01 Jai-Guest-House-02
Jai-Guest-House-03 Jai-Guest-House-06
Jai-Guest-House-07 Jai-Guest-House-08
Jai-Guest-House-09 Jai-Guest-House-10







Contact Us at:
3) No HP/Fax: 09-2672131

Email: info@tamannegara.my