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Jerantut Villastay - 绿苑民宿 Combo Tour

(min 6 pax & above)
Rate / Pax 4 Single Bed or 2 Double Bed Room
Room Type: Deluxe Room
(Aircond / Bathroom with Heater / TV)
3 Days 2 Nights
(2B / 2L / 2D)
RM480 *Select any 3 more activities.
2 Days 1 Nights
(1B / 1L / 1D)
RM380 *Select any 2 more activities.
Free & Easy
(2D / 1N)

*Peak Period Rates will surcharge RM20 per person.
*Above itinerary subjected to the weather/local condition
*Price listed subject to change without prior notice.Please check with our tour desk for latest updated price, if any.
*Child rate is refers to children between age 4 to 10 years old.
*Child rate is valid if sharing with at least 2 adult in one room.
*Child who shares with 1 adult in one room will be considered as adult.

pack included

- Friendly & Experienced Tour Guide

- Internal Transport

- Accommodation (Air-cond & Bathroom with Header & TV provided)

- For 3 Days 2 Nights include 2 breakfast & 2 lunch & 2 dinner

- For 2 Days 1 Nights include 1 breakfast & 1 lunch & 1 dinner

 subtitle angsana villastay

Elegant, Comfortable & Affordable 高贵,舒适,经济,家庭式套房

绿苑民宿共拥有8间大小不一的房间。简单而大方的寝具,给人无比温馨舒适的休闲空间。舒适的房间,让游客拥有安稳的睡眠...这民宿也提供了各种适合团队参与的户外活动,包括国家公园、大象村,爬山洞等等。We provide customized team building programe.


 Angsana Villastay 01 Angsana Villastay 02 Angsana Villastay 03

Angsana Villastay 04 Angsana Villastay 05 Angsana Villastay 06

For Package 3D2N & 2D1N activities: (*Please Select!! 请选择!!) 

Activities Includes: (Select Activities stated below)

1. Taman Negara Daily Tour ( add extra RM40 per person)

- 4,343 sq km 130 million years protect area.

- Activities: Jungle trekking, Canopy, Orang Asli visit & Rapids Shooting.

- Packaed lunch included.

activity 1 tamannegara dailytour 1 activity 1 tamannegara dailytour 2

2. Cave Kota Gelanggi Adventure

- Experience jungle walk or night cave exploration.

- The stalactite and stalagmite in the caves are the world's first class and untuched.

activity 2 cave 1 activity 2 cave 2

 3. Gunung Senyum Cave Exploration

- Experience jungle walk or night cave exploration.

- The stalactite and stalagmite in the caves are the world's first class and untouched.

activity 3 gunungsenyum 1 activity 3 gunungsenyum 2 

 4. Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary


- Popularly known as 'Elephant orphanage santuary'

- Activities: Bath with elephant , elephant feeding, video show & riding on elephant's back.

activity 4 kualagandah 1 activity 4 kualagandah 2

 5. Pahang River Cruise

            - Experienced 45 minutes ( 15 seater wooden boat with rooftop ).Boat cruise ride Sungai Pahang.Along the river,enjoy the cool refreshing air and the natural beauty of rainforest along the ride.On the way back visit Patin & Talapia Fish Sanctuary Sangkar.坐船约一小时享受著名的彭亨河源流风光明媚的原貌。途中可观看巴丁鱼和非洲鱼的养殖场。请准备胶袋包裹随身物品,以防被河水溅湿。

           - Visit the largest FAMA Market Pasar Tani a buzz with the trading of local produce of all kinds.参观泛马本地菜市场

activity 5 pahang rivercruise 1

 6. Jungle trekking to Jerantut Hill

- Sunrise Expedition.

- Jungle Trekking.

- Watch the sunrise with clouds.

activity 6 jungle JerantutHill 1 activity 6 jungle JerantutHill 2

 7. Water Confidence / White Water Rafting (add EXTRA RM70 / pax)

- 1 hour down the river on rubber raft along the 5km rapids. (Min 9 pax)

activity 7 waterRafting 1 activity 7 waterRafting 2

 8. Four WD Off Road Adventure Lata Berembun Waterfall (3000ft height) / Tour (Min. 8 pax)


白葉山位於彭亨勞勿,那是屬於眾多山中相當獨特的一座。白葉山共分爲3個較具規模的瀑布,第一座擁百尺高,激流沖入一個大湖,湖水清澈見低,冰涼透 體,名 爲僊女湖,第二座瀑布下的是溜冰湖,從瀑布滑下去轉個彎,讓滑水者回到瀑布底下,第三座爲白葉山瀑布,它分別有二層瀑布,急流從下一個湖又從下另一個湖, 頻爲壯觀。

- Four WD Off Road Adventure

- 3000ft height waterfall tour.

activity 8 LataBerembun 1 activity 8 LataBerembun 2

 9. Lembah Kiol Waterfall

- A scenic waterfall & a series of rapids hidden from public sights.

- Activities: Swim & visit orang asli village.

activity 9 LembahKiol 1 activity 9 LembahKiol 2

10. Fruit Plantation Tour

activity 10 FruitPlantation 1 activity 10 FruitPlantation 2



title 3d2n elep combotour2



TamanNegara_01 TamanNegara_02

TamanNegara_03 TamanNegara_04 TamanNegara_05

TamanNegara_06 TamanNegara_08

TamanNegara_09 TamanNegara_13

TamanNegara_14 TamanNegara_15


Elephant_Sanctuary_01 Elephant_Sanctuary_03

Elephant_Sanctuary_02 Elephant_Sanctuary_04

Elephant_Sanctuary_05 Elephant_Sanctuary_06

Elephant_Sanctuary_07 Elephant_Sanctuary_08

Elephant_Sanctuary_09 Elephant_Sanctuary_10



Kota_Gelangi_01 Kota_Gelangi_02

Kota_Gelangi_03 Kota_Gelangi_04


Air conditioned homely rooms complete with bathroom, water heater, hot water, TV Astro and wifi.
Elegant, comfortable and fully furnished homestay

绿苑民宿共拥有8间大小不一的房间。简单而大方的寝具,给人无比温馨舒适的休闲空间。舒适的房间,让游客拥有安稳的睡眠...这民宿也提供了各种适合团队参与的户外活动,包括国家公园、大象村,爬山洞等等。We provide customized team building programe.

Angsana_Homestay_01 Angsana_Homestay_02

Angsana_Homestay_03 Angsana_Homestay_04

Angsana_Homestay_05 Angsana_Homestay_06



Depart from Jerantut / Kuala Tahan


Accomodation Price / Person (RM)
Min. 6 Person & Above
Type of room With Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary / Deerland With Jeram Besu White Water Rafting
Agoh Chalet / Teresek View / Aki Chalet (Ekoton Village)/Yellow House Hostel with air-cond
(4-8 Pax / Room)
479 549

Woodland Hostel / Mutiara Hostel / Julia/Yellow House

505 585
Teresek View  /Agoh Chalet /Julia Twin Room with air-cond 515 595

Rainforest Resort / Woodland Resort / Persona Resort/ About

Standard Twin Room 568 648
Deluxe Triple Room 609 689
Mutiara Taman Negara Resort / Woodland Resort Twin Chalet with air-cond 859 939
Chalet Suite 959 1039

1  晚  住  宿  于  国  家  公  园, 1  晚  住  宿  于  绿  苑  旅  馆


*Child rate is refers to children between age 4 to 10 years old

*For child age 1 to 3 years old FOC

*Child rate is valid if sharing with at least 2 adult in one room

*Child who shares with 1 adult in one room will be considered as adult



*孩子如果和至少2成年人共享与于一间房, 可享用儿价格





Day 1 第一天
12:00pm Lunch at Jerantut town.
01:00pm Depart from Jerantut to Kuala Tahan, the Park’s Headquarters by own vehicles.
02:30pm Welcome to Taman Negara! Check in at accommodation.
欢迎您来到国家公园, 到您的渡假屋或旅馆登记.
03:00pm Boat to Aborigine Village to visit orang asli with natural habitat.
拜访原住民村落, 了解他们的生活习俗, 他们将呈献吹箭筒表演.当然您也有机会试一试您的技术.
05:00pm Experience 45 minutes shooting 7 sets of the rapids to Kuala Trenggan. You must be prepared to get drenched! / Swimming at river side at nusa camp.
回程时坐船去Kuala Trenggan, 勇闯七大激流探险, 新奇刺激,Rapids Shooting河边天然浴泳.
07:30pm Dinner.
08:30pm Video show about Taman Negara, at Interpretive Center.
观赏由国家公园和森林局所提供的记录片.您可从播出的录影带和张贴的海报获得宝贵的资迅, 了解国家公园的历史,文化及背景.
09:30pm Experience night jungle walk with nature guide and visit Tahan Hide and see the nocturnal animals come alive! Bring along torch-light!
晚间森林探险活动, 到大汉隐藏屋夜赏野生动物, 浏览昆虫和植物.
11:00pm Sweet dream.
Day 2 第二天
08:00am Breakfast.
09:00am Jungle trek to Teresek Hill (344m). From the hilltop and in clear sky you may be able to see the peak of Gunung Tahan. The trail is passing on one of the best bird watching habitats area and can hear melodious song of hornbills and etc
导游带领爬国家公园第一山丘–特勒细山(344 尺)了望大汉山的顶岭.登上山顶可以纵览公园全景,妙不可语啊! .可详细观察各种自然生态, 从中考验本身的体力和胆色.
01:30pm Packed Lunch
02:30pm Leave Taman Negara to Jerantut.
告别国家公园, 前往而连突
04:00pm Coach to Kota Gelanggi Cave. Experience cave exploration. The stalactite and stalagmite in the caves are the world’s first class and untouched.
出发前往万年洞. 洞穴探险活动. 途径可见浑然天成的地下队道, 数万年涓涓滴水造就的“石灰岩”体, 千姿百态, 挺拔的石笋, 状若果树, 枝桠纵横, 串串石花。
07:30pm Dinner (Suggestion at local Restaurant)
08:15pm Moving in to Greenleaf Angsana Traveller Home Jerantut. Accommodation with ASTRO tv channel, hot shower, aircond semi Bungalow Suite.
Day 3 第三天
09:30am Breakfast.早餐
10:30am Transfer to Kuala Gandah.出 发 前 往 瓜 拉 甘 达 大 象 村。
12.00pm Arrive in Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary/Deerland.
抵 达 目 的 地。
12:30pm Packed lunch.享 用 便 当 饭 盒 午 餐

A video show on issues surrounding wild elephants, diminishing, habitant & translocation will be shown.观 赏 大 象 记 录 片。


Dinner time! Fruits & Vegetables such as banana, papaya, carrot etc will be handed out to those who wish help feed the elephants.喂 大 象 吃 晚 餐。


Visitors will invited to ride around on the elephant's back 体 验 骑 大 象 的 乐 趣


Elephants will be bathe in the nearest river during this time of the day and under staffs' supervision are allowed to swim and bathe with the elephants. 观 赏 大 象 冲 凉。

03:45pm Your tour end.告 别 而 连 突, 继 续 您 的 回 家 路 程。 再 见!











Welcome to Elephant Sanctuary/Deerland!

Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, or popularly referred as the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, is located within the bio diversified-rich and protected Krau Game Reserve & was set up in 1989 under the DWNP (Department of Wildlife & National Parks, Malaysia), manned by the Elephant Capture & Translocation Unit.


Lata Berembun白葉山

白葉山位於彭亨勞勿,那是屬於眾多山中相當獨特的一座。白葉山共分爲3個較具規模的瀑布,第一座擁百尺高,激流沖入一個大湖,湖水清澈見低,冰涼透體,名 爲僊女湖,第二座瀑布下的是溜冰湖,從瀑布滑下去轉個彎,讓滑水者回到瀑布底下,第三座爲白葉山瀑布,它分別有二層瀑布,急流從下一個湖又從下另一個湖, 頻爲壯觀。




Jeram Besu White Water Rafting Package
Jeram Besu Package, located in Raub in between Benta and Raub. It’s about 3km from Benta the nearest town. It is gaining popularity as one of the most challenging white water rafting area in the country. Established in 1993 for the national white water rafting training centre. There are 7 rapid to experience and enjoy the adventure challenge.
在这清爽的早晨, 您可选择到位于劳勿县, 座落于文打与劳勿市区之间的Jeram Besu乘坐胶皮艇Rafting.


Above itinerary subjected to the weather & local condition.

Camera / Video equipment fee  and entry permit are excluded

Please bring along T-shirt, shorts, torch light, sport shoes, slippers,drinking water, swimsuit, toiletries where applicable.


1. Packed Lunch
2. Experienced & Friendly Nature Guide
3. Donation to Sanctuary Center




Welcome to Greenleaf Holidays & Tours


Email: info@tamannegara.my

Phone / Fax: 09-2672131 or 019-9811241 or 019-3131240